Thursday, April 01, 2010

Saturday, April 3, 7:00pm
@ The Charleston, 174 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn

Come see EASTER's last show as duo! Plus Concussion, Isolation, Troublemaker and Deathbeds. Plus FREE PIZZA!! This show flippin rules.

Friday, March 26, 2010

EASTER at Lit with Hallux, Meek is Murder and Know Nothing
Monday, March 29 @ Lit
93 Second Ave, NYC $6

Hi Everybody! Jon and I have played together as EASTER as a two-piece for 5 years now. On Monday night, we welcome kickass bassman Mike Tsouris into the band! Come on out and welcome our new member and watch our set! Then stick around for Hallux, Know Nothing and Meek is Murder (schedules below).

Precious Metal presents...
11:00- MEEK IS MURDER Ex-The Red Chord guitarist Mike Keller delivers chaotic and epic outbursts with help from drummer Frank Godla (Empyreon)!
10:15- KNOW NOTHING Longtime Today Is The Day bassist Chris DeBari presents his newest band!
9:30- EASTER Aggro noise rock in the vein of old Unsane and Today Is The Day - now a trio!
8:45- HALLUX
Pounding, oppressive, metallic post-Swans dirges, featuring bassist Jason LaFarge (producer of albums by Angels Of Light, Devendra Banhart, Khanate, and Child Abuse)!

ALSO coming up on April 3 - EASTER's last show as a two-piece! Check it out!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

KOMONDOR & EASTER at Charleston, December 10!!

KOMONDOR and EASTER, December 10, 2009

EASTER returns to the Charleston in Brooklyn on Thursday, December 10, 9pm!! This time we are welcoming our upstate friends KOMONDOR. Check them out at
EASTER as always can be heard at The Charleston has great beer and free pizza!

Friday, September 11, 2009

EASTER in Brooklyn THURSDAY!!!!


8PM Thursday, September 17 @ The Charleston
174 Bedford Ave (Between N 7th Street and N 8th Street)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

EASTER @ Lit Lounge, Monday August 24!!

EASTER with GOES CUBE (The End Recs) and DBCR
+ Guest DJ: Gary Suarez (

Mon. August 24, 2009
@ Lit Lounge, 93 2nd Ave, between 5th & 6th St, NYC Door: 8:45 pm / Price: $6

Hi everyone! EASTER is back at Precious Metal at Lit this Monday! If you love metal, punk, hardcore, noise or any dark underground shit, then Precious Metal is the most fun thing you're not doing! Of course, it's always on a Monday so your job might make it hard for you to have fun there. But for all the laid-off people I've been talking to, maybe Monday's not such a bad idea? Plus, all you teachers who are off this summer won't have Mondays to ROCK on much longer! So come celebrate with us!! We'll be playing with local kick-assers Goes Cube and DBCR plus the DJ stylings of Gary Suarez between sets.

As always, EASTER is the music of Jon Gill and Don Puglisi and can be heard at Please come! And, if you feel like it, help us promote the show by forwarding this invite to anyone you think might be interested. See you Mon.!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

EASTER @ Brighton Bar, Sunday April 26!!

121 Brighton Avenue
Long Branch, New Jersey

On Sunday, July 26, Jon and I are playing a gig near the beach at Brighton Bar. For over 20 years the Brighton Bar has been the hot spot for many New Jersey bands and National Acts, performing original music. On July 26, the waters will be infested with ROCK, including Sister Waize, Mashmallow Bunnies Lotza Cuma, Fun Machine, DECAP ATTAK, Jeckyl n' Hyde, EAStER, CLAMFIGHT, Maegashira and Soul Hammer

Come join us!

Monday, June 15, 2009

EASTER in Brooklyn FRIDAY!!!!

Friday, June 19th at 8pm
with Methodist, Senium and Tight White Jeans
1041 Manhattan Ave,
Brooklyn, New York 11222
Cost: 5.00

EASTER returns to Brooklyn this Friday with friends Methodist, Senium and Tight White Jeans!
This is one of those rare weekend appearances we hardly ever get because not a lot of people ever come to see us. But if you come out to Tommy's on Friday, maybe our rep will change!! Tommy's is a great bar right in the center of Willamsburg! It's got a pool table and anything you could want to drink. Plus, it's SUMMER and you need some rockin! Methodist and Senium rule, so even if you hate us, you'll probably like them. And Tight White Jeans are having their first show ever! So help them feel wanted.

EASTER is the music of Jon Gill and Don Puglisi. They can be heard at Methodist, Senium, TWJ and Tommy's info is also available on that page. We'd love to see you!!

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